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A free DejaCode trial account allows you to use DejaCode in a shared public dataspace!

When you sign in to the DejaCode public evaluation dataspace with your free trial account, you can:

  • Explore, create, and modify components, packages, licenses and assign usage policies to them.
  • Create your own test products and generate attribution.
  • Exercise the DejaCode API and DejaCode integrations with open source tools, such as ScanCode.io.
  • Run reports and use workflow requests.

To get started, sign up for a free DejaCode trial account via the form on this page.

Securely use your own data

We can set up a private instance for evaluating DejaCode using your own data, with access to all features including:

  • Import your own data privately and securely, including proprietary and third-party software components and licenses.
  • Design and apply your own usage policies.
  • Create your own workflow requests and reports.
  • Generate FOSS compliance artifacts, including Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) for your products and attribution notices.

Each private evaluation is limited to 30 days with unlimited use of DejaCode and free support.

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